Hair-Gen System Proves to be More Effective

Hair-Gen System Proves to be More Effective

Platelet rich plasma application by dermapen microneedling and intradermal point-by-point injection methods, and their comparison with clinical findings and trichoscan in patients with androgenetic alopecia

Kubra Nur Ozcan, Serpil Sener, Nihal Altunisik, Dursun Turkmen

Epub 2021 Nov 15


This study attempted to stimulate hair growth in males using a treatment called platelet-rich plasma (PRP) to help with hair regrowth. Inconstancies in the application of this treatment lead them to test two ways of applying the PRP: one using a special device called a dermapen (Hair-Gen system) and the other by injecting it manually (traditional method). They found that both methods improved hair count and thickness, but the dermapen method was found to be superior at delivering the application. The dermapen performed significantly better in terms of anagen, telogen, and average hair length parameters.

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