Scalp Massages Proven to Increase Hair Thickness

Scalp Massages Proven to Increase Hair Thickness

Standardized Scalp Massage Results in Increased Hair Thickness by Inducing Stretching Forces to Dermal Papilla Cells in the Subcutaneous Tissue

Taro Koyama, PhD, MD; Kazuhiro Kobayashi, MD; Takanori Hama; Kasumi Murakami; Rei Ogawa, PhD, MD

Epub 2016 Jan 25.


This study evaluated the effect of scalp massage on hair thickness and growth in males. Nine healthy men received a 4-minute standardized scalp massage daily for 24 weeks using a scalp massage device. Measurements of hair count, thickness, and growth rate were taken throughout the study. Additionally, gene expression changes were studied in human dermal papilla cells in vitro.

Results showed that scalp massage significantly increased hair thickness (from 0.085 mm to 0.092 mm) after 24 weeks. Gene expression analysis revealed upregulation of hair growth-related genes (NOGGIN, BMP4, SMAD4, and IL6ST) and downregulation of hair loss-related IL6 in stretched dermal papilla cells.

The study suggests that standardized scalp massage can increase hair thickness by mechanically stimulating dermal papilla cells, leading to beneficial gene expression changes.

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