Red Light Stimulates Growth & Follicle Health

Red Light Stimulates Growth & Follicle Health

Hair Growth Promoting Effects of 650 nm Red Light Stimulation on Human Hair Follicles and Study of Its Mechanisms via RNA Sequencing Transcriptome Analysis

Kai Yang, Yulong Tang, Yanyun Ma, Qingmei Liu, Yan Huang, Yuting Zhang, Xiangguang Shi, Li Zhang, Yue Zhang, Ji’an Wang, Yifei Zhu, Wei Liu, Yimei Tan, Jinran Lin, Wenyu Wu

Epub 2021 Nov 4.


This study investigated the effects of 650 nm red light on hair growth and the underlying mechanisms using cultured human hair follicles from hair transplant patients with androgenetic alopecia (AGA). Hair follicles were treated with 650 nm red light and analyzed for growth, gene, and protein expression.

Results showed that 650 nm red light significantly promoted hair follicle proliferation and delayed the transition from the growth (anagen) to the regression (catagen) phase. RNA sequencing analysis identified significant changes in gene expression, with key pathways involved in leukocyte transendothelial migration, metabolism, and cell adhesion.

These findings suggest that 650 nm red light therapy can effectively stimulate hair growth and improve hair follicle health by modulating specific biological pathways. This provides a potential non-invasive treatment option for AGA.

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