DermaPen & Minoxidil Combo Packs a Punch

DermaPen & Minoxidil Combo Packs a Punch

Randomized trial of electrodynamic microneedle combined with 5% minoxidil topical solution for the treatment of Chinese male Androgenetic alopecia

Linlin Bao, Lin Gong, Menger Guo, Taoming Liu, Anyu Shi, Haifeng Zong, Xuegang Xu, Hongduo Chen, Xinghua Gao, Yuanhong Li

Epub 2020 Jan 7


A study aimed to improve hair growth in men using a common treatment called 5% minoxidil. They also tested whether combining this treatment with a special microneedle technique (electrodynamic microneedle *same as GrowPro system*) could make it work even better. They divided participants into three groups: one used only minoxidil, another had microneedle treatment, and the third group had both microneedle and minoxidil. After 24 weeks, the group that combined microneedle with minoxidil showed the best improvement in hair density compared to the other groups.

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